Bring our workshops to your location

When quality matters and you want all of your staff to have the same training, bring the training onsite to your location. We can partner with you to custom-design an on-site workshop or extended training program to meet your needs and budget. We will send one or more highly qualified and recognized trainers in evidence-based psychotherapy to your location to deliver training to your organization.

In addition to convenience, there are many other advantages to
bringing one of our trainers to you

  • Cost: It makes good economic sense to organize a staff-wide training program rather than to finance the attendance of individual staff members at workshops held off-site. On-site training can help you save on your already tight budget when you consider the registration and travel costs per staff member. You can often train all of your staff for the cost of sending a few to an off-site workshop.
  • Time: Training can be scheduled weeks or months in advance to accommodate your organization’s schedule. Also, we can plan training events around your organization’s needs to minimize client and billing disruption.
  • Consistency: All staff receive the same training intervention(s) from the same presenter(s) on the same day(s). This helps ensure all of your staff receive training with equal fidelity.
  • Customized: The CBT Center of WNC, P.A. will collaborate with you to individualize a training program specific to your organization’s needs. In addition to determining content we’ll also determine the number of training events required to meet your needs and budget, and whether you’d like to include follow-up clinical consultation or booster training sessions.
  • Practical: We understand and have significant experience meeting the diverse training needs of many organizations. For example, we understand that many organizations have staff with various levels of education and various levels of clinical training in CBT and other evidence-based psychotherapies, and that they often need to be trained during the same training event. Further, we understand the frustration many trainees experience when training examples are provided that are not relevant to their clinical population or setting. We are very serious about fully understanding your clinical context and needs and tailoring our training methods to your needs.
  • Evidence-based: Similar to our views on psychotherapy we fully believe that our training methods should be evidence-based. Our promise to you is to deliver training based on best practice training methods.
Contact us today to discuss bringing the very best in evidence-based training to your organization. Please contact Rick Baker at 828‑350‑1177 …or eMail rbaker@behaviortherapist.com