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Welcome. eCreate provides internet web design with static and dynamic content, compliant programming and creative, engaging imagery and photography. We have experience building and hosting websites since 1996. We have pioneered the development of new websites and inspired the makeover of existing websites.

Internet excellence …by design

eCreate Website Designs

OK, we've got the opening "mission statement" out of the way. Now we can talk.

The first and most important consideration in website design and marketing is content. That content must not only fulfill the purpose of grabbing the attention of the website visitor, it must also grab the attention of internet "robot" computers that probe the internet; scanning content to determine search engine placement. That opening paragraph is filled with the keywords needed to make the search engines happy when indexing our site. No, "happy" is the wrong word for these emotionless algorithms. "Factor appropriate data" would be more correct. We have matched our metatags and page titles with our content, satisfying one requirement for driving the market to our site. There are, of course, many other variables when driving web traffic to a site but, then, we have already achieved the most important step in internet marketing …you're here ;)

Let's say it again succinctly:

We are located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville and Hendersonville but the location independent nature of the internet enables us to serve clients in six different states.

There are many resources on this site which will elucidate (or illuminate) what we are about in depth. We invite [and hope that] you will explore further. But, did you know that statistics show that 92% of website visitors never get beyond the home page of a site? So we need to convince you now to contact or eMail us before you get bored and head for Amazon or eBay.

Thanks, again, for a bang up job. Such an appearance lends more credibility to our operation and, on behalf of the Board, we are grateful for your help. ― St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

Testimonials are always appreciated. What's the point of any endeavor if it does not generate appreciation as well as income? …gratitude is much more valuable and enduring. Take for example the power of a sincere "Thank you!" …oh, and for your thoughtful consideration of our services,

…Thank you!